I was born on February 2, 1958.
Place of Birth: Mexico City.

I attend primary school, graduated at the Mexican National Autonomous University and also studied at the National School of Plastic arts (1964-1979).

- In 1973 I worked at an advertising bureau.

- Exposition at the National School for Plastic Arts.

- Exposition at "El Tapanco", a private gallery in which the theme was "The Day of the Dead".

- Exposition at the Olympic Village Sports Center.

- Participation in public advertising campaign for the political office of governor of the state of Baja California Sur and for a Congressman in Xochimilco.

- Participation as assistant to cartoonist and elaboration of animated drawings published in text form. The "El Gran Acontecimiento" ("The Great Event" or "Happening") in which the subject is the appearance of the Vigin of Guadalupe.

- Published educational magazines in the form of comics for the "Pri", a political party tittles: "Cora" and "Fideicomiso".

- Published comics with the following tittles: "Katy La Oruga" winner of the "Golden Tlacuilo" as the best magazine for children, the prize is awaarded by the Editiorial department at the comic section.

- "No Hay, No Jay" Karmatron, Timbiriche, Chabelo, Jem, "Alexandra Guzman's Fantasies", "La Chimultrufia" and "La Sombra" ("the Shadow").

Realization of the Magazines "Pintacolor" and "Diviertete", Pastime Magazine for children.

- Elaboration of posters for "Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla" ("Neither From Here Nor From There") a film starring La India Maria, a very popular film and T.V. Actress in Mexico.

- Illustration of several different books: Mi Nuevo Amigo 1-4 winner of the "Juan Pablos" a prize awarded on a national level. Geography, Natural resources, Excursions. All of these books are published by Limusa Editors.

- Realization of book "Prescholar Little Mathematitian" winning the national prize "Juan Pablos" of Fernandez Editors.

- Realization of comic strip in the sunday complementary section of "El Sol de Mexico" (Mexican newspaper).

- Collaborated in the design ssection at the superior school of tourism in the Nattional Polytechnic Institute.

- Elaboration of logotypes for some commercial locations.

- Illustrator of books for the foolowing editors: Esfinge Editors, Mac Graw Hill Editorial and Fernandez Editors (several books).

- Elaboration of pubblicity for a Mexican Pastry Store Chain.

- Elaboration of publicity for the following companies: Editorial Vid, the Nestle Co. (Quick Rabbit), Reino Aventura Recreation Park.

- Elboration of comic for political campaign of the president of Mexico "Ernesto Zedillo"

- Collaborated as illustrator with Fernandez Editors.

- Elaboration of comic about the life of "Joan of Arc" Porrua Editorial.

- Elaboration of illustrations of the Mexican Pre-Hispanic Epoch.

- Elaboration of illustrations about the history of the U.S. Invation of Mexico.

- Elaboration of illustrations for different books for Eidtorial Patria.

- Presently realizing a comic project in the United States.