Lake applet was created by David Griffiths -

JayZeeBear sat at the breakfast table glancing out the kitchen window every few seconds and scratched his fur. His fur was itching from the heat. He looked forward to splashing in the cool water. When was Mom going to let him play outside in the pond?

JayZeeBear looked up and asked his mom as she cleaned up the breakfast, "Mom Iím hot, I want to cool off in the water."
"Just a minute honey," said JayZeeBear's Mom.

Finally the last dish was put away and JayZeeBear raced out the kitchen door toward the pond. JayZeeBear stopped at the water's edge, turned his big eyes back to his Mom pleading her to hurry and take him into the water. Reaching down, she took his little paw in hers and together they waded in. Soon the water was up to JayZeeBear's chest and he squeezed her hand a little tighter. She paused to comfort her little bear, "Thatís all right honey, we won't go any deeper."

JayZeeBear relaxed his grip and began splashing about. The water was splashing over his head and soon he had forgot his nervousness and ran back and forth raising a wave of water in his wake.

Mama Bear found a nice rock to sunbathe on and at the same time still keeping an eye on her little bear. JayZeeBear wished he had friends to play with but none of the other little bears wanted to play with someone so young.

JayZeeBear didn't know that all his splashing was attracting other unseen visitors. Below the water surface, a school of colorful fish followed him.

Soon JayZeeBear was tired and stopped. The fish were having so much fun following JayZeeBear and they wanted to tell him to continue playing. One playful little golden fish swam up to start a game of tag with JayzeeBear.

"Yikes! I've been bit," screamed JayZeeBear as he leaped up out of the water and fell back in with a giant splash.

JayZeeBear opened his eyes underwater and starred at dozens of other little eyes. "Monsters! Help," screamed JayZeeBear.

Mama Bear laughed and leaned back on the rock. She could see the harmless fish swimming around playing with JayZeeBear. "It's alright JayZee they are only fish."

JayZeeBear raced toward the shore and a huge wake of water splashed up all around him. The fish were having a great time as JayZeeBear raced around.

The fish gave chase, swimming along in his wake and tagging JayZeeBear with a little nip to turn him back toward them. After being chased around a couple of times, JayZeeBear headed straight for the nearest rock, scampering out of the water as the fish nipped at his tail.

Fish were jumping and laughing everywhere. JayZeeBear let out his meanest growl, but this only caused all the fish to laugh again. "Mom, they're laughing at me. Make them stop!"

"You want friends, looks like you find some," said JayZeeBear's Mom.

A big golden fish swam over to the rock where JayZeeBear sat, poked his head above the surface and spoke, "Please little bear let's play some more. We were having so much fun chasing you!"

"Who are you?" asked JayZeeBear.

"Oh, my name is Glitter. My friends and I like playing with you. Will you come back into the water? We can't play where you are."

JayZeeBear dipped a toe in the water and said, "Well I canít play where you are because I canít swim."

Glitter circled the rock then stopped in front of JayZeeBear. "We'll teach you to swim."

"Wow! You will," said JayZeeBear. He leaped into the air from the rock and jumped down into the water with a giant splash.

JayZeeBear followed all their instructions and soon was speeding through the water nearly as good as the fish. They played tag and wake riding as JayZeeBear raced across the pond. Fish were swimming like dolphins in the waves that he created.

When JayZeeBear was called in for lunch, he shook the water from his fur and waved goodbye to his new friends, "Bye little fishys, thanks for all the fun!".

JayZeeBear looked forward to playing with his new friends again soon and that night he had a dream of exploring the river with his new fish friends that would take them all the way to the sea. Thanks to his new fish friends, his day had been really flash.