He was frantic when we came across his trail. Rabbit paw marks crisscrossed the field everywhere. JayZeeBear spotted him first. A brown long eared creature darting and hopping from one bush to the next in search of what, we didn't know.

Tito the turtle glanced at JayZeeBear and stepped into the clearing. The rabbit noticed them and darted under a bush.

"Whoa little fellow what's your hurry?" asked Tito.

The rabbit paused; his nose upturned and twitched at the sight of a turtle and bear suddenly appearing. Unsure, he took a step further under the bush. "My Hurry! Today's Easter and I've lost them," said the rabbit.

Tito scratched his head. "None of that rabbit talk - lost what."

The long ears that waved and flopped around as the rabbit talked fascinated JayZeeBear who tried to reach out and touch them.

The rabbit jumped back,"Keep your hands to yourself little bear. Play with your own ears."

Tito laughed, "Where are our manners! My name is Tito and this is my young friend JayZeeBear. He means no harm."

At Tito's friendly voice the rabbit relaxed. "My name is Peter Cottontail and I was visiting your valley to treat the young children of the Green Forest to an Easter Egg hunt."

JayZeeBear's eyes brightened, "Like a treasure hunt?"

"Yes a treasure hunt for eggs to bring everyone closer together," said Peter Cottontail.

"How can we help?" asked JayZeeBear.

Peter Cottontail eyes rolled in his head. "You can't unless you can lay eggs."

JayZeeBear asked, "I can't but don't chickens lay eggs."

"Smart bear, taught him everything he knows", said Tito the turtle.

Peter was not amused at being made fun of and his ears flopped sadly down in front of his eyes. He was sad.

JayZeeBear noticed the rabbit's sadness and quickly apologized. "I'm sorry, I only meant that we saw a group of chickens earlier today down by the river. We could ask them for some eggs."

The rabbit ears popped up, "Hopefully they will help. Let's go ask them," spoke the bunny.

So the three where headed out into an adventure that crossed the path of many animals. A squirrel, then a duck, then a turkey, then more and more animals came and asked where they were going. JayZeeBear responded, "We are looking for the chickens to lay some eggs so we can have a treasure hunt for all the little children of the Green forest."

When the chickens were finally located they were too busy looking for seeds and didn't pay much attention to this raggety group.

JayZeeBear was the first to speak, "Uh! Chickens can you lay us some eggs?"

The chickens were surprised at the strange request, they gathered around the little bear chirping loudly.

A few brave hens peaked at JayZeeBear's feet until the little bear spoke up again. "Owe! Why are you pecking at me?"

A big rooster stepped forward and spoke for the group of hens that starred at the annoying little bear.

"Can't you see how little food there is around here. We must spend all our time looking for seeds to eat."

JayZeeBear looked confused and asked,"Why not look where there is plenty of food instead of where there is none ?"

The rooster looked at JayZeeBear and said: "We don't know where to find any more food."

JayZeeBear was on a roll, "Down by the pond where I live there is a big field of grasses with as many seeds as you'll ever need."

The rooster huddled with the hens scratching the ground then replied. "You show us this field and we'll lay you as many eggs as you want."

So the raggety band of animals, which by now was quite large, walked until they reached a large green field of grass just outside JayZeeBear's house.

And true to their word, the hens laid as many eggs as Peter Cottontail requested.

JayZeeBear was so excited, he was finally going to go on a treasure hunt.

But Peter Cottontail was still sad. "Yes, we have eggs now but for a true treasure hunt they should be special eggs and these are all white!"

Tito remembered JayZeeBear's paint set and grinned, "JayZeeBear, go inside and bring out all your paints. We'll have a painting party. Everyone here can help to paint the eggs."

JayzeeBear raced inside his house and soon emerged, his paws was full of paints and brushes. There were green, red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and gold colored paints.

Everyone grabbed brushes and painted beautiful designs on the white eggs. It was a grand party. The squirrels were rapping with the beavers. The cats were chatting with the chickens. The pigs where parleying with the peacocks. And JayZeeBear was racing around bringing new paints to everyone.

Then everyone joined Peter Cottontail, gathered up all the eggs and hid them all around JayZeeBear's house.

All the little children including JayZeeBear where unleashed to hunt for as may eggs as they could find.

And that is how JayZeeBear and his buddies met the Easter Bunny and helped everyone in the Green forest grow a little closer together, one Easter Day.